Foundation Race


Why a race?

We want the racing community throughout the United States to learn about the Rayce Rudeen Foundation. Through the work of the RRF we hope to help families who are battling addiction and educate communities to help prevent addiction, help find resources for treatment and emphasize the importance of a strategic recovery. We strive to enable everyone to understand that addiction is not an embarrassment - it’s a disease.


Kevin, Rayce’s Father, has been a team owner of sprint cars for almost 30 years. Over this time he has built amazing working relationships, and mentored many individuals, but most importantly he gained lifelong friendships.

In 2016 when Kevin lost his eldest son Rayce, the racing community was there for him. The outpouring of support was astounding. Today, the support continues for Kevin and his family.
Inspired by this tight knit community Kevin came up with the idea to host a race in honor of the Rayce Rudeen Foundation as a way to say thank you to those who have been there for him.

In 2019 the first inaugural Rayce Rudeen Foundation race occurred. The prize for the race was $26,000 for the purse. This money was and is still given to the winner personally from Kevin with the goal that the Foundation’s mission of living a healthy life free from addiction can be achieved throughout the US.


When Kevin’s car and driver rolls out onto the track, the following is read to the fans:

“Many of you may know of the Rudeen name, represented by the 26 car but you may not know about the Rayce Rudeen Foundation. Almost 5 years ago, Kevin Rudeen tragically lost his son Rayce (R-a-y-c-e) to an overdose. In order to honor his life and keep his memory alive, his family decided to start a private foundation to help others. Today, the Rayce Rudeen Foundation is a certified nonprofit that gives grant money to the organizations and programs that encourage a healthy productive life, free from addiction. It is their goal to help fill the gaps in a broken system of addiction, treatment and recovery. 100% of all donations we receive go directly to our grants and programs - which means every penny donated goes straight to those who need it the most. The Rudeen family is passionate about preventing others from suffering the same loss they have. To learn more, please visit

Rayce Rudeen Award

In 2021 we added a very special award called the Rayce Rudeen Award.  This award was given to someone who exemplified Rayce's humble heart and selflessness. The recipient of this award demonstrated kindness to those around him/her, made sure others were cared for, showed a compassionate heart. We could not be prouder to of those who won this award.

2021 Circle City  Speedway: Blake Anderson - the first ever to receive the award

2021 Circle City Speedway : Carol McCann

2021 Gas City Speedway: Paul McMahan 

2021 Kokomo Speedway: Adam Whitfield 


2021: Kokomo Speedway: Kokomo, Indiana/ Winner Zeb Wise

2020: Plymouth Dirt Track: Plymouth, Wisconsin | Winner: Kyle Larson

2019: 34 Raceway in West Burlington Iowa | Winner: Tony Stewart