August 23, 2022 · 1-4 p.m. · Virtual Event

We invite all school nurses—and any other school staff who may be responsible for administering Narcan®—to attend our Opioids & Naxolone Training. This virtual event is hosted by the Rayce Rudeen Foundation in collaboration with the WSU College of Pharmacy.

The training will cover:
  • Washington State’s mandate of naloxone
  • Current data about the increase in opioid use, especially fentanyl
  • How naloxone works in the body and its role in opioid reversal
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of possible overdose situations where naloxone might  be warranted
  • When to use it (identifying signs of overdose)
  • The different types of naloxone and how to administer them
  • How to apply the steps for responding to an opioid overdose
  • School protocol, storage of Narcan®, and best practices/staff support after administration of Narcan®
  • Protocol for supporting students who received naloxone and their families
Clock hours will be available through pdEnrollerWatch for more information as we get closer to the training date!