The Rayce Rudeen Foundation was formed in honor of an amazing young man who lost his battle with addiction in 2016. His family vowed to help prevent others from suffering the same loss, and with that, Rayce's Foundation was born.


The Rayce Rudeen Foundation aims to become a community leader. Our hope is that we become a connector of resources- so that organizations, businesses and coalitions can work together to make effective, lasting change.


Working with our Community agencies and partners, our goal is to empower people to fight addiction. By working together and utilizing preventative measures, treatment programs and strategic long term recovery plans, we hope to continue our hard work towards helping individuals live and sustain a healthy lifestyle free from addiction.

Town Halls/Community Conversations:

Once a month we have been hosting a virtual presentation to our community. Our goal is present facts about current issues that impede a healthy lifestyle. We bring guest who have firsthand experience, experts who work in the topic area and encourage dialogue with our participants. Topics we have covered in 2021: overall awareness of addiction, vaping, mental health, alcohol, and cannabis.

Virtual Music Concert:

RRF partnered with Lucky You Lounge to host a virtual Christmas concert. Artist’s from the Spokane area brought Christmas cheer with traditional and some original songs. The money brought in from ticket sales when to the local artists with RRF matching the funds to donate to Millwood Impact. This donation allowed Millwood Impact to provide food to families in the Millwood community.

Millwood Impact:

We were able to help Millwood Impact attain van which helped with food delivery. This van will also be used to transport students to Millwood Impact’s afterschool program. We are also looking forward to partnering with Millwood Impact in the fall to meals and presentations to focus on prevention of substance abuse and mental health.

Panther Country Coalition (Cusik, WA)

Working closing with Coalition Coordinator, Donna Kelly, we have committed to provide funding for meals for the community, foot race for prevention awareness, vending machine for essential needs of the community.

Narcan Training:

This will be our second annual Narcan training, with WSU pharmaceuticals and college of nursing. This training works with Washington’s nurses training them how to administer Narcan in the event of an overdose. Along with this training RRF provides Narcan training kits to each nurse to take back to their school. In 2021, we are adding a new element of this training. We are adding a protocol session. This will focus on procedures for the school to follow as well as providing follow up information to the student’s family for counseling and/or treatment of drug misuse.

WSU – College of Nursing

In 2021 we have been able to develop an impactful relationship with WSU’s school of nursing. We worked with five interns who worked wholeheartedly in helping RRF develop an asset map for our community. Their work and research with local agencies gave RRF great insight of the gaps in our system. This work also helped us in the first steps of organizing the logistics of an asset map. To honor the interns work and their professor, RRF donated $5,000 to the College of Nursing Dean’s Excellence Fund.

Foundation Race

In 2021 the race will be held at Kokomo Speedway, Indiana.  We will be promoting the Rayce Rudeen Foundation and our work toward prevention, helping with treatment and strategic recovery plans to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  We will also be encouraging healthy discussions about addiction. No one should be embarrassed by addiction it is a disease.  It is our honor to make a donation to Pathway to Recovery.  Pathway to Recovery helps residents become substance-free, stable, self-sufficient and housed.  

West Valley Coalition

We are continuing our work with West Valley School District to fill all the sectors, work on the structure of the coalition, assisting with grant application and addressing prevention of substance abuse.  We will also be granting funds to the West Valley School District in order for the district to hire a full-time mental health counselor.

SNOW (School of Nurses Organization of Washington) Conference

We had the honor of presenting at this conference. The hour-long presentation with a Q/A that followed gave us the opportunity to present what RRF is currently working on based off of statics from Washington’s Healthy Survey and community input.  The Q/A time gave the nurses and RRF time to connect and address the needs of our youth regarding substance abuse and mental health.


We supported and sponsored HUB’s virtual concert with MultiCare Heartstrings for Hope.  Along with amazing artist performing, the event presented a message of the importance of mental health. RRF believes addressing mental health is a strong prevention tool against substance abuse.

Family Promise

Family promise runs programs to help families end the cycle of homelessness. Several the families they serve are in recovery. Due to trauma of addiction and/or homeless many of the children are at high risk for addiction.  Thanks to our donors we were able to donate $20,000.00 to Family Promise’s newest house for mothers and newborns.

Music Program

In the fall of 2021 we will begin a program with Eastern University’s music program where the college students will mentor and instruct high risk students. We will provide training for the college students on how to mentor the students, provide instruments for the students. Each quarter we will host a concert with the students and mentors playing.  Ideally, we would (will)start with middle school students with the intent of helping them gain skills until they reach high school and then have them mentor/teach elementary students.