Faces and Voices of Recovery

Our Mission

Changing the way addiction and recovery are understood and embraced through advocacy, education and leadership.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the diverse voices of individuals and families affected by addiction are embraced and connected in communities, free from discrimination and injustice.

What We Do

  • Mobilize and organize to raise the profile of the organized recovery community and help more people find recovery by demonstrating that over 23 million Americans from all walks of life have found recovery and promote widespread understanding that long-term recovery is a reality and a process that takes time and support.
  • Build the capacity of recovery community organizations to thrive and participate in local, state and national policy arenas, deliver peer recovery support services; and mobilize the local recovery community.
  • Address public policy to reduce the discrimination that keeps people from seeking recovery or moving on to better lives once they achieve it and support recovery-oriented policies and programs.