Rayce Rudeen Foundation (RRF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations go directly into our programs.  RRF has separate operating budget that is privately funded.  

Every donation helps the foundation continue the work of fighting addiction.  We strategically use these funds to help those who struggle with addiction or for those who need support who have a loved one who is struggling with substance misuse. Your generosity makes a huge impact!


All contributions designated for this Fund will be used for undergraduate or graduate student(s) in the College of Nursing who are completing research related to addiction.  This fund will be administered by the Dean of the College of Nursing or his/her/their designee(s).  The administrators of these funds will monitor the contributions and disbursements to ensure they're utilized according to the intent of the donor.  The recipient(s) of these funds will present their research at the completion of their project to the Rayce Rudeen Foundation's board members.